Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blessing the Fields of Taure Ru

The animals had been driven between the fires earlier; a cow, a sheep and an ox, representatives of the best the Kingdom had to offer.  And now the people are dancing around the huge bonfire. Sirena stands and looks over each of the men, wondering to herself who she dares to approach.  Which one is willing to give his very life for Taure Ru?

The Green Man walks slowly out of the forest and into the clearing, drawn by the fire and the revelry.  He stops at the fire to feel its warmth and to stoke it. 

Sirena then sees a man entering the clearing and standing by the fire.  He is muscled and strong but what catches her eye is that he is wearing the mask of the Green Man.

The Green Man stands at the fire admiring the woman who is not dancing.  He walks toward her. 

Sirena notices that the fire seems to blaze brighter and higher as he passes it.  Her breath catches and she knows that this is the one.

The Green Man: "What is your name, beautiful one?"

Sirena shyly acknowledges the compliment with a small tilt of her head. "I am Sirena, High Priestess of Taure Ru. Are you the one for whom I have been waiting?"

The Green: "Dance with me and we shall see." 

Sirena feels a strong attraction to this quiet man.  But she feels sorrow for him. She has accepted that tonight will be her death; there is no other way.  She places her hand in his and allows herself to be drawn toward him and into the dance.

The Green Man: "Do you not want to know my name Sirena?"

Sirena looks at the eyes glittering beneath the mask as the Beltane fire burns beside her and within her. "Aye, I would know your name. Which one of the loyal warriors from Taure Ru are you?"

The Green Man: "I am not of Taure Ru.  No one in these lands is worthy of you, my lady."

Sirena feels his arms around her tighten and she whispers, "You are not of Taure Ru? From where, then, do you hail?"

The Green Man pulls her body against his so that flesh touches as they sway and their bodies meld together.  "I am from the highest plane of existence. Do you not know who I am?"

Sirena shakes her head "I do not know who you are. I have never seen you before.  I would recognize your form and your bearing.  Who are you?"  The heat from his body warms her as she feels his hands stroke her back and his strongly muscled arms take possession of her.  The heat within her increases and she feels the same desire for him that the dance holds for her.

The Green Man: "You will know my name soon enough then.  What does a name matter?  Let us enjoy each other, this heat, this fire." 

Sirena moves with the virile man towards the fire and she notices the flames leaping higher as if in response to the music.  His skin glistens but not with sweat and his eyes shine but not from the reflected firelight.

The music has become heavy and insistent with drums, the revelers are giddy and wild and are slowly pairing off to run into the woods, the fields, the villages, wherever they can find a secluded spot to couple and enjoy their desire.  Sirena sees them move away from the fire and dares to place her hand upon the man claiming him as hers lest another woman take him.

Sirena whispers to him "I am prepared to give my life that the fields and the animals be blessed tonight.  But you, do you know of the penalty for lying with one of Belenus' own?"

The Green Man ignores the intent in the question as he asks, "So you are sworn to Belenus?" He dances her closer to the bonfire.

Sirena: "Aye, Belenus claimed me as His long before I knew what being a Priestess meant.“

The Green Man: "Then the mighty one has good taste.  And now it is time; we will bless the fields together.  You are the perfect woman for that.  You are fertile and full of passion, just what growing crops need."

Sirena blushes “I must do what is required of a High Priestess even though the penalty is high.  We must go to the fields now before it becomes light.  You accept your fate?"

The Green Man: "Aye..we must go to the fields now..." 

They walk hand in hand to the fields where Sirena, in a desire induced daze, turns to face the Green Man and he grabs her, bending her over his knee.  She swoons as the green man takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately and then is abruptly brought back to reality as flames appears to consume him and they engulf her.  He transforms from human to his true form.

Sirena screams as the flames begin to burn her. "Belenus, my Lord..." she gasps.

Belenus: "I am your Lord, your God, your Belenus and tonight I will take you as mine forever."

Sirena, in great distress, whispers breathlessly "Have you come to take me with you My Lord?"

Belenus tears her dress from her body and lets it burn on the ground.  "I have come to take that part of you which only I can have." 

Sirena is terrified but rejoices in her heart. The touch of the God is exquisite with both pain and pleasure, the pride in knowing that he has chosen her and she answers, "I am yours to do with as you wish My Lord."

The fire that is the God burns fiercely as he grabs her roughly and wraps her writhing body around his.  He watches with pleasure as she cries from the torment of his fire.

The touch of the God is almost more than she can bear. Sirena is ecstatic but in agony.  Which is it the God intends for her to feel? She does not know, nor does she care. She only knows that the High Priestess will bless the fields with the God as has always been in tradition.  The fields of Taure Ru will be fertile and overflow with bounty at Harvest.

Belenus grins as he forces his flame to reach deep within her, searing her and branding her forever. Every part of her body will feel the flame of his possession.

Sirena can stand no more as she is consumed with his inflaming kiss.  The fire burns deep within her and sears her very soul. She shudders, convulses and faints.

Belenus throws her to the ground

Sirena lies unmoving upon the fields, her passion spent and spreading onto the earth…

Belenus stands over the fallen Priestess, still burning fiercely.  "I have taken that which is mine.  You are to take no others but me. I will allow you to live so that I may return when it suits me.  You are a healer...heal yourself and live your meager life but worship me with all your passion."  He disappears into a cloud of smoke.

OOC: Scene I was played in Taure Ru, but since there were no fields in TR we moved to Isle of Wayrest for Scene II.  Thank you Llarian for having excellent fields!  A special note of thanks to the dear friend who stepped up to play Green Man/Belenus with me. I could not have done this without you.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sequoyah is hit by a Pea

SweetPea FeatherFeet moves quickly and bumps into a huge tree, falling at its root

Sequoyah "what was that?"   looks down and sees a tiny fae.  he whispers "are you ok little one?" Peering closely, he sees that the fae is lying on the ground.  He sits to get closer to the fae and examine her.

Sequoyah sees that her wing is injured and she is unconscious. He becomes alarmed and know she needs his help.  He gingerly extends a woody finger and rolls her over so he can see her face, he leans closer and sees that she is breathing, that is good, but she is still unconscious and bruised.

Sequoyah calls upon the Earth for power to heal.  He sinks his roots deep into the earth to draw from it's essence and gain power.  He grabs a healing ruby he carries with him and says a silent prayer to Dagda the Earth god and uses his Earth given power to cast a healing spell to the fae.

Sequoyah listens carefully and hears her breathing more regularly now

SweetPea FeatherFeet stirs and sits up, rubbing her head, her natural healing abilities beginning to work

Sequoyah watches the fae stand and smiles

SweetPea FeatherFeet takes a step back as she can't believe a tree sitting on the ground

Sequoyah "Hello little one, how are you feeling?   Can you hear me?

SweetPea FeatherFeet gasps as the tree begins to speak and then she remembers. "Hello Sequoyah. It has been a long time. Was it you I flew into? I thought it was a tree"

Sequoyah "Ahh  you recognize me!  You are SweetPea, right?

SweetPea FeatherFeet puts her hands on her hops "of course I remember you." She stands and flutters her wings awkwardly "That ole dragon must have gotten me after all"

Sequoyah "You are bruised.  would you like some healing leaves and bandages?"

SweetPea FeatherFeet titls her head, once again releasing the sound of bells. "THe Fait Folk heal quickly so I do not need the bandages of the human folk."

Sequoyah "You were chased by a dragon?"
SweetPea FeatherFeet shakes her head and a sound of bells is heard "Uh huh. A big ole dragon was chasing me"  She sighs sadly "Unless you can mend broken wingtips, I am grounded until they regrow"
Sequoyah "How long will that take?"
SweetPea FeatherFeet puts a finger to her lips and says  "Shhhhh...that is a fae secret"
Sequoyah laughs   "OK, I will not ask for your secrets.  Would you like some salve and bandages, Or are your scratches minor?”

SweetPea FeatherFeet looks up at the sky and sees gray cloud "Do you think he is still there? If he is, I will have to find a place to hide"
Sequoyah whispers "I will hide you”  He hands SweetPea a group of Elder tree leaves “But first chew on these. Chew on those leaves and they will speed your healing”

SweetPea FeatherFeet takes the leaves "I don't chew on anything I don't know what it is"

Sequoyah "They are from the elder tree. It is the tree of fairies.  They will speed the healing of your skin and wings.   And if you can't fly then I shall carry you until you can."  He  stands up

SweetPea FeatherFeet hands the leaves back to the ent "I don't need them. I am better now. But I would like to go back to my homeland."

Sequoyah reaches down and gently picks up SweetPea, placing her on a branch.   SweetPea FeatherFeet trembles a bit at his touch, but it is gentle and she relaxes.  She grabs onto a long tendril that has the appearance of hair.  "I live in a realm called Zolio, Sequoyah."
Sequoyah nestles SweetPea onto one of his branches.  "You can stay there and relax until your wings grow back.  If you start to hurt I have other healing leaves and salves"

SweetPea FeatherFeet slides down to the end of one his branchlike arms "You want me to stay with you? " she giggles

Sequoyah "don't jump around now,  you need to save your energy!   You stay on me until you can fly" Sequoyah sees that it has started raining.

SweetPea FeatherFeet chuckles craftily "Then find me a cow. I am thirsty!"

Sequoyah “Look up and open your mouth. It is raining!”
SweetPea FeatherFeet pouts "I want milk, not water!"
Sequoyah sighs, wondering what he has gotten himself into “OK, I will find you a cow if you wish”
 He thinks to himself that he has rescued a troublesome fae.
SweetPea FeatherFeet bounces up and down on his arm and the sound of bells is heard as the ent lumbers through the woods
Sequoyah "There is a horse here. How about horse milk?"
SweetPea FeatherFeet squeezes her brows together "You are silly. I do not want mares milk, I want cows milk."
Sequoyah sighs to himself "It's going to be a long few days I think..."

Sequoyah comes to a long bridge  “I hope this bridge will hold me!"
SweetPea FeatherFeet  lies back on his arm, enjoying the ride. She is still above the ground and she is sure if the dragon returns that the ent will be able to keep her safe.

Sequoyah looks around for cows

SweetPea FeatherFeet  twists her head to look up at the ent "Do you not know of a farm around here?"
Sequoyah “ I know there is one close by”
SweetPea FeatherFeet sighs in ecstasy as he carries her through the lighted trees by an open pavilion with columns.  “This is so very pretty"
Sequoyah comes upon a small farm.  “Well look at what we found!  It's a farm with a cow and chickens!”
SweetPea FeatherFeet claps her hands as a farmyard holding chickens and a cow appears. She jumps off the ent, quickly enters the yard and milks the cow, squirting the milk directly into her mouth.

Sequoyah watches the little fae get under the cow and drink from it.

SweetPea FeatherFeet swallows and wipes the back of her hand over her lips, "That was warm and creamy, just the way I like it"  Then she runs to the chickens and starts to chase them
Sequoyah watches the silly fae do a chicken dance.  "I can kill them if you need to eat them"
SweetPea FeatherFeet looks up at him "Kill the chickens? what ever for? I just want to play with them not eat them!"
Sequoyah "I think you are the only one playing. They are looking at you rather oddly"
SweetPea FeatherFeet stops running around and eyes the ent "Now, bring me someplace safe til my wings grow back"  She climbs up the ent and settles on his shoulder again
Sequoyah "I could take you to a friend’s house to watch after you. It might be dangerous to stay on me as I walk through the forests. Dragons sometimes attack me too.  They can’t hurt me much but they might hurt you more"
SweetPea FeatherFeet nods "And you are made of wood, which burns more easily than a fae. I will go to your friend's house then and see if I like it."
Sequoyah "OK, hold on tight!". My friend's name is Linwe
SweetPea FeatherFeet giggles "I have a friend named Linwe too"
Sequoyah Maybe we have the same friend then
SweetPea FeatherFeet scowls "is she a wood elf? always a bit...grumpy?"
Sequoyah 'Yes sometimes grumpy but deep down very nice"

After a long walk through the woods,  Sequoyah sees Linwe’s cottage  and whispers "Here is her cottage

SweetPea FeatherFeet looks at the thatched hut below them as Sequoyah stops "yes, this is where my Linwe lives"

Sequoyah "What a surprise that we have the same friend!"

SweetPea FeatherFeet jumps down. "thank you my friend. I know Linwe will keep me safe til my wing tips heal"
Sequoyah shouts "Linwe, are you here?"
SweetPea FeatherFeet notices a shed to the side of the cottage and says softly "ooooo"  She giggles "Linwe is rasing sheep again."
Sequoyah 'More milk for you..."
SweetPea FeatherFeet tiptoes to the sheep pen

Sequoyah 'I shall return to my forest duties. Be safe and get lots of rest'

SweetPea FeatherFeet waves in a preoccupied manner "bye sequoyah
Sequoyah 'Bye SweetPea. Next time stay away from dragons!" Sequoyah turns and walks into the forests
SweetPea FeatherFeet giggles as she reaches out toward the sheep.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Belenus Calls Sirena

We return to The Place of The Torgan Empire for a tale from Sirena

The fire is warm and The Place is empty. Sirena is staring into the fire and drifting off to sleep when she hears a voice call her name.

"Sirena Lauria I have watched you; you please me. You bring great passion to your dance." Sirena smiles at the voice, believing she is dreaming.

"I claim you; you are mine. From this moment you will give your passion to me and only to me."

At this, Sirena opens her eyes and sees a face in the fire.

She blinks and rubs her eyes, but the face does not go away. She whispers, frightened now, "Who are you? And what do you mean? I have never lain with a man."

The voice answers "I am Belenus and I have chosen you for my priestess. I will be with you to protect you from harm and I will guard your beauty and your skill in the dance. In return you will dedicate and give all the passion you find and enjoy in the dance to me, Belenus, and to no other. " His voice rises as he says "As my priestess you are to remain a maiden and If you do not, I will slay you and anyone who takes that from you."

Sirena's eyes widen and she sits up. "No, I am dreaming; you aren't real." In response a tongue of flame dances out of the fire. Sirena watches, mesmerized, as it lights on the back of her left hand. She screams in pain and it extinguishes immediately. There is no mark, just a lingering sting.

"That is only a token of what to expect if you do not obey," Belenus says severely. "But I will tell you what to do. Take the path to the Cleric's Hall and learn what they can teach you. Tell them I forbid you to fight. Nothing must damage your beauty. You are pledged to me and when I take you for my own at last, you must be perfect."

Sirena looks at her hand and marvels that it could hurt so fiercely and be unmarked. She says, faltering, "I will do as you say M'Lord."

"I will come to you again when I have need of you." the voice says. Sirena watches as the face fades and disappears and the fire resumes a normal appearance. Then she stands up, dons her outdoors garb and goes in search of the Cleric's Hall.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sirena's Dilemma

Sirena takes the path to the dock hoping to find Scarlet, her friend as well as Commander of the Dark Rangers and Captain of the Torgan Pirates.  She sighs in resignation as she finds her dancing and shaking a stick.   "Commander? Are you all right?"
Scarlet Kaptane peeks up... gasping from a rum burp.."eh?"
Sirena  whispers: "I was hoping to find you a bit...sober. I am concerned about Beltane and wondered if you could advise me."
Scarlet Kaptane whispers: tries to clear her eyes..."i believe i'm sober enough.. " twirls and kicks
Sirena glances at K, sitting at the bar. "Perhaps a less public place."
Scarlet Kaptane grins and skips to her ship.. motioning for her to follow

Sirena arrives on the ship and tries to balance on the moving deck of the boat.  She finally moves close to the mast and places her right hand lightly upon it.
Scarlet Kaptane grins.."now tell me what is your trouble sweetest healer?"
Sirena  sighs "It is Beltane."
Scarlet Kaptane: "isn't that some god fellow?"  She rubs her chin
Sirena laughs "Beltane is one of the nature festivals, a festival that blesses the spring planting and the herds. You must be thinking of my God, Belenus"
Scarlet Kaptane: "ohh right" hiccupped and tried to hide it.  She wiggled the stick.

Sirena tries to explain "Last year at Beltane, I was just studying to be a priestess and my lack of participation in the fertility rites was not of importance.  She sighs deeply "But this year I am High Priestess and I am the one who must bless the fields by lying in them with a man."  She looks to see if Scarlet can understand her dilemma.
Scarlet Kaptane: "ohhhh" looked at her.  She whispers: "do you have a man in mind?"
Sirena is horrified "Scarlet, Belenus has forbidden me to be with a man in that way. It would mean death for both of us."
Scarlet Kaptane: "hmmmm seems you in a pickle"  She shakes swithys stick and smiles..."how can i help ye?"
Sirena sighs "The blessing of the fields is my sacred duty...yet how can I ask a man to join with me and die?  I would willingly give my life for this land...I am pledged to sustain it and die for it if needed. But do you know one who is also willing to die for this land?"

Scarlet Kaptane whispers: "a man? there must be a way out of this Sirena."
Sirena shakes her head "I have thought long and hard and can see no other way"
Scarlet Kaptane: eyes her closely.."you must have someone in mind""
Sirena places her other hand on the mast as the deck pitches and rolls under her feet  She shakes her head "I know no one willing to do this thing.  I was hoping perhaps you would know of someone willing to lay down his life for the Kingdom."
Scarlet Kaptane: "i will put out the word.. mmmm might be tough"
Sirena sighs "Please be discreet. I wish only to know if there is a man willing to give his life's essence in exchange for the prosperity of Taure Ru and its peoples"
Scarlet Kaptane: "of course Sirena... i will be discreet"

Sirena watches the captain fall yet again to the deck of her ship "Scarlet, may I give you a salve for the bruises you are sure to raise?"
Scarlet Kaptane: smiles at her.  "aye!"
Sirena takes her right hand off the mast and hastily rummages in her pouch, bringing out a salve which she offers to Scarlet. "Rub this onto the bruises at morn and in the evening. It will ease some of the pain"
Scarlet Kaptane: 'ooo thank you... " takes it from her fingertips
Sirena feels an odd sense of nausea as her head begins to swim and her belly lurches "I must go Scarlet. I am feeling most unwell. May the Shadows hide you from the light" she turns and runs off the ship making for the securely anchored dock which will not move underfoot

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Severing the Link

*Sirena*  calls “Zargabaath, Blacksmith and Warrior of Taure Ru stand forth.” 

*Sirena*   addresses Zargabaath.  “I must remind you that you gave freely of your blood that this ghoul may live and thrive. Your essence fed him and nurtured him at his birth. Know that you are as a parent to this creature from which you seek liberty.  Is it now your will that you be separated from your son no matter the consequences?”

*Zarg*  nods "I never wanted any of this, I was Unaware of the consequences of offering my blood, All I wanted was mithril..

*Sirena*   says “So be it then. Have you the blade I bade you make from the mithril you took in exchange for your blood?”

*Zarg*  "Yes Lady Sirena, I have the dagger" pulls the Dagger from his belt laying it across his two open palms.

*Sirena*  asks “has it been blooded?”

*Zarg*   nods "Yes Sirena i have cooled it in my own blood and the blood seems to have bonded well with the Mithril." Hands Lady Sirena the dagger, reaching his open palms outward towards her, the blade resting in his hands.
*Sirena*  takes the mithril blade in her right hand and quickly makes a slice across the palm of her hand.

*Sirena*  balances the knife across her hands and lifts it high above her head, paying no attention to the blood streaming down her left arm.

Soa Draconia: always loved watching blood rituals..

*Sirena*  cries out, “Belenus hear me!  I offer the sacrifice of blood and ask that You infuse this blade with your grace.  Grant me the power to sever this man’s bond whether it be one of love or hate.”

*Sirena‘s face shines with an unearthly light as the blade in her hands begins to glow from the reflection of the candle flames and is remade as a sacred kris.

*Sirena*   feels the warmth of her God flow from the kris and down her arms as He joins with her.

*Sirena*   walks counter clockwise around the warrior as he stands in the center of her circle and she chants “Let each strap be unbroken, each twine unwound.  Let Zarg’s true soul walk its path, unswayed, unbound.”

*Zarg* feels his chest tightened. the beating of his heart is rapid and loud within him. His muscles contract feeling the dense energy bound around him. He feels as tho his chest is about explode, he gives out a deep roar from the bottom of his lungs.

*Sirena*   begins to dance around the man, weaving the blade in a pattern, tracing the symbol for infinity.  “May all that confines Zarg’s spirit be destroyed.”

*Zarg's eyes close, feeling burning within his chest moving down to his appendages, then to his head. He briefly stops his breathe, the burning feeling engulfing his whole body now. He remains silent, yet you can see how his face is in grimacing pain.

*Sirena*  “Let Zarg’s passions be alight, a burning flame, pure and white and let his spirit be aright.”

*Zarg* feels the burning within him explode, a sharp pain emitting from his chest, then subsiding down to his arms and legs, rolling thru his veins with his pulsating heart. He calls out her name "Sirena! Free me from this abomination!" screaming as his head lowers, beads of sweat pouring down his face.
*Sirena*  “Let this body release its flame, let it burn through ghoul’s domain that all Zarg’s passions, not ghoul’s, shall remain.”

*Zarg* feels the tightness suffocating and constricting him once more then lessoning the grip, the energy within him pushing the bound upon him away from his being. He feels the energy break and crack around him, hearing crackling in his own mind and he lets out a deep breathe, his body sore, his muscles less tensed and relaxed.
*Sirena*   intones “Let all binds break; remove all ties save fate and return Zarg to his natural state.”

*Zarg*  feels his body and mind relaxed, his ties with the Ghoul no more, His mind shrouded in white fog. He has visions of the Ghoul, glimpses of his mind in a dreamed state as if it was long ago. The visions subside and he gets more glimpses... of the beach, of the flowers and plants, all beauty that he has seen. He sees a white opaque figure.. dancing upon the sands. He focuses his vision in his mind, and he sees her. "Jaki" he whispers. Zarg opens his eyes, tears falling from them.

Soa Draconia: senses a strong energy in the room but is uncomfortable by it.

*Sirena*  lowers the kris and says “It is done.  All ties are sundered and all bonds must be forged anew.  Go forth Zarg, unfettered and free.”

*Zarg*  blinks, his eyes clouded and wet, he looks to Lady Sirena "Thank you for all you have done, I am no longer cursed by the Ghoul... I can feel in within my chest and mind" He lowers his body to bow before her and stumbles almost falling over.

*Sirena*   calls "Jakire, Fae of Vana and Beloved of Zarg.  Come hither and bring with you the vessel."

"Jaki"  walks closer to them, gripping the vessel tightly and looking between Zarg and Sirena

*Sirena*  turns to address the others gathered around. "it is known to me that these two shared a great bond of love before these ties were broken.  To that end I directed that they create a vessel to hold that love and that will be used to reforge their precious bond." 

Zargabaath: Looks at her Beauty in the Little Fae and Looks to the Priestess

*Sirena*  nods to Jaki.and steps back.

Jaki Stardancer steps in front of Zarg with the Urn in hand. She looks to Lady Sirena and cries, glancing back to Zarg

Zargabaath: Looks at Jaki overhearing Sirena words,"You are most Lovely but love did we love"Looks at her

Soa Draconia: A vessel of love. Soa think to herself, How interesting. Could a vessel hold an emotion?

Jaki Stardancer nods and speaks softly "Aye.. we did.. and it is all in here Zarg.. a portion of the loved we shared is deep inside this vessel. I must pour it on you for us to bond again.."

Zargabaath Looks at her and vaguely remembers some love between them,"Yes if this is how we were then yes lets proceed Jaki"

Jaki Stardancer looks down into the deep urn and blinks, her tears falling down her cheeks. She desperately attempts to tip the urn above his head, the red, blooded honey falling down his hair.  She places the empty Urn next to her on the ground, waiting for any sign of emotion from Zarg.

Zargabaath Feels the liquid fall and flow through his hair onto his scalp and shoulders

Sirena watches as the viscous liquid drips down the Commander and she holds her breath. She was sure it would work, but this had never been tried before.

Zargabaath: Looks at Jaki and starts feeling warm and full of love and Passion to the lovely Fae,"I adore you most in this world and i believe you are the one"

Sirena sighs in relief as she hears the words from Zargabaath.

Soa Draconia watches with interest. It has been centuries since she has loved someone. She find it hard to remember what the feeling was like.

Sirena clasps her hands together and her eyes fill with tears.

Jaki Stardancer: her chest tightens, feeling the love they share swirl around them. She smiles widely as he speaks, her heart feeling complete and whole. She turns to lady Sirena "Thank you Sirena!" she exclaims, turning back to Zargh and lowering her body on her knees to hug him.

Sirena steps forward "I am pleased that the vessel worked Jaki. But I think it has more to do with the enduring love you hold for each other...a bond even the gods cannot break"

Zargabaath: Stares Jaki straight in the eyes and wraps his arms tightly around her, holding her close.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Fall of Vana: The Cleric Perspective

Sirena hears the request of the High King and immediately summons her clerics. She bids them stand safely atop the tower and tells them to send her the strength of their deities.

She travels to the center of Vana and stands upon the ground. Planting her feet firmly upon the soil, she raises her hands and calls out to the deities of Taure Ru:

"Belenus and Calypso,
Vhaeraun and Lolth,
Mariana and Seannus!
Bringers of destruction and darkness!
Great divinities of the night
I call upon you to perform the darkest of deeds."

She begins to sway and turn and dance as she feels the strength of the dark clerics atop the tower in Taure Ru and the presence of the gods.

"Bring forth your wrath upon the gods of Vana.
Drive them away from the land with their blasphemies.

"Bring forth your wrath upon the land of Vana
That it will never more yield tree or root, food or fruit.

"Bring forth your wrath upon the fauna of Vana
That they never breathe air again and drown in the seas."

Her dance becomes frenzied as she chants the last words of the curse:

"Bring forth your wrath upon the people of Vana
Let them be cursed one hundred fold for their crimes"

She falls to the ground as the force of the Taure Ru gods descends upon the continent. She struggles to her feet and begins to run for the border as a deafening roar affirms the finality of her curse. She smiles in satisfaction, knowing that she has at last fulfilled a sacred duty for her Sire in ridding him of the land of Vana.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Priestess, the Dragon and the Ranger

Torgan High Priestess Sirena wanders the realm of Zolio, marveling at its visual simplicity until she arrives at a great open temple. She climbs to the top to discover a place of peace and rest. There is an urn blazing brightly and she drops to her knees. "Belenus" she prays, "Hear me." She opens her mind to receive her God but she feels only a deep void. "Where are you my Beloved?" she asks. She listens but the only sound is the fire crackling. There is no presence. She tries again, letting her mind float free in a second attempt to reach her God. This has always worked before, but He is not there this time. She begins to weep and wonders if He has left her? She needs to hear His voice and feel his love. Sirena begins to weep as she tries harder to sense Him and fails. What has she done to offend Him? Where has He gone?

Random Mistwalker: hsssss...(Draconian): intakr ayo grhui kuest rl'eldo?

Sirena hears a hiss through her sobs and turns. She is relieved to see the dragon, beloved of her God. But she is surprised when it suddenly approaches her. She is afraid it is attacking, can’t understand why, and she stumbles backwards and falls off the ledge where she lies unconscious on the ground.

The small black dragon swoops and swerves as it flies off the temple and down, closer to her. He licks his lips and approaches. Suddenly arrows fly through the air and score a direct hit on the dragon. The dragon flies up to identify the attacker and out of pure instinct, returns the attack. The dragon yells “Any who attack me will feel my fire.” Arrow after arrow strike the dragon. A fierce fight ensues that lasts for what seems like eternity. Arrows, dragon fire and claws are everywhere as the dragon swoops, attacks, pivots and flies and the stranger with the bow runs, hides, fires quickly and tries to find an advantage and avoid the dragon’s fierce attacks.

After both are badly injured the dragon lands on the temple and shouts, “Why do you fight biped? Why attack?”

The Sylvan Ranger Damian comes into view. “You attacked my friend. I saw you attack the High Priestess. Why did you attack?”

Random Mistwalker: I did not.. I was asking why she was here.. You attacked me. You hit me with your arrow first!

Damian: “So this is all a misunderstanding? I saw her lying on the ground with you over her. What was I to think?”

Random Mistwalker: “Not that I would not have attacked.. she was kneeling.. when I was hit with an arrow. Perhaps she was prey.. perhaps not depending on how she answered…”

Damian: “So you admit you thought her potential prey. Did she answer you? “

Random Mistwalker: “No… for I was hit.. before she was able to answer.. if she was a foolish one who wanted nothing more than to take and show no respect… then yes…”

Damian: "We will never know then, will we?" Random Mistwalker narrows his eyes. Damian keeps his bow ready while he talks to the dragon. “Then let us go our own ways in peace. I will stop shooting if you will fly away. I will tend to her wounds.”

Random Mistwalker eyes his wounds.. "Very well.. you have much to lose.. but I shall leave you in peace"

Damian: “I do indeed but I am not afraid and so shall I leave you in peace. Perhaps we can meet again under better circumstances.”

Random Mistwalker turns and pulls an arrow from his scales and spits it on the floor of the temple. "Very well.. we shall see." He flies off without another word.

Damian wraps a hasty bandage around his own arm and runs off to find Sirena. He looks at Sirena lying on the ground "Sirena, are you hurt?" He kneels and takes out his medical kit. He applies a poultice from his kit to her forehead. He reaches into his kit, takes out a vial of smelling salts and breaks it under Sirena's nose. Then he impulsively leans over and kisses her and cries "please be alive"

Sirena gasps from the pungent odor of the salts and her eyes flutter open as she feels his lips touch her. She reflexively slaps him. "How dare you!"

Damian sees her move and exclaims, "You are alive! OUCH! Why did you hit me? I just saved your life! You were about to be eaten by a dragon.”

Sirena puts a hand to her head "Yes, I remember a dragon and I remember his breath knocking me off the ledge.”

Damian: “You were unconscious on the ground. I came upon you with the dragon leaning over you. I fired at him and engaged him in a battle. I nearly died saving you.”

Sirena starts to cry, "It was horrible. Belenus was gone." She suddenly hears the ranger. "You shot at the dragon? He is gone?”

Damian says stoutly, “Belenus may not have been here but I was lucky to happen upon you. And yes, the dragon is gone. I negotiated an end to the hostilities with him. He claimed it was a misunderstanding. The dragon flew off a few minutes ago and I ran to revive you.”

Sirena cannot believe the circumstances that have put her beside the Sylvan Ranger and she whispers, “I can well believe it a misunderstanding. Dragons are beloved by Belenus.” She winces as she moves her arm and begins to carefully move her arms and legs, checking herself for damage.

Damian: “Although the dragon claimed I shot first, he admitted he was sniffing you to see if you were suitable prey. He would have killed and eaten you I'm sure had I not attacked.”

Sirena is aghast. "Sniffing me? I am Beloved by Belenus! Why would a dragon eat me?" She shakes her head, "This is not right.” She begins to weep quietly. “I could have been eaten by one of Belenus’ favorites.” She looks up at him "I do not understand this at all, but I thank you."

Damian: “Perhaps he was deranged by the mushroom plague. Who knows? Or perhaps he was sick and not in his right mind.” He kneels down and puts his arm around Sirena. “But all is well, you are safe." Sirena cries out as Damian's arm touches her shoulder and he notices she is wounded. “Let me bandage your wound. Show me where you are bleeding.”

Sirena shakes her head. "There is no blood. I am just aching and will bruise all over. I shall not be able to wear silks for two weeks." She stands a bit stiffly. “Thank you Sylvan Ranger. From what you say I might have died.”

Damian: “I think yes. Let me carry you to your home or to someplace safe.”

Sirena raises an eyebrow. She is already as close as she wants to be to the Sylvan Ranger in fact she is too close. She steps back.

Damian says hopefully, “Would you like me to walk you someplace?”

Sirena says curtly, “I can manage thank you.”

Damian: “Let me at least walk with you until you are in your own territory.”

Sirena is a bit shaken by the incident and replies without thinking, "I would welcome the assistance of a bow if that dragon returns. I think there is a tavern here and it is over the hill. "

Damian: “Good. Let us walk there then. A drink would do us both good.”

They both walk quietly for some time until they reach an empty tavern with an inviting fire. Sirena sinks gratefully into a chair. Damian speaks, "You should eat something. You have had quite a day"

Sirena responds, “I am not hungry. I just want to be home." She does not say she also wishes to be out of the ranger's presence and rests her head on the table.

Damian: “Sirena, now that you are safe and resting, I have a favor to ask.”

Sirena lifts her head "favor?"

Damian continues, “Some might even call it a debt to repay. I know you disdain Sylvan rangers, me included.”

Sirena frowns. "What debt? You have lent me no money.”

Damian continues: “I do not share your disdain. You might well have been dragon dinner tonight. It is a simple favor...”

Sirena: “I know, Damian, and I am thankful...even grateful that you were nearby.”

Damian: “I would like you to be my Lady. You know I have always been fond of you since I first saw you standing near me when I was injured in the wood. Now that I've saved your life I think that is only fair. I am not asking to marry you. I know you are a high priestess.”

Sirena is shocked and indignant: “Your Lady!?! You cheeky arrogant Sylvan Ranger! I asked nothing of you for saving your life so long ago. I am Torgan, and you are Sylvan. Yet you are the one asking for payment in return for what one would call a benevolent act?”

Damian: “You allowed me to be in your debt. And our lands may be different and occasionally at war but we do not have to be.”

Sirena protests: “I did not allow you to be in my debt. You took it upon yourself to believe you owed me something.”

Damian: “Well, be that as it may, I now ask this favor of you. Were it not for me you would be merely a dragon's burp by now. Where was your God tonight?”

Sirena hears Damian’s question about her God and her heart stops. Yes, where had He been tonight? She says indignantly “I admit I am thankful to be sitting here instead of in the belly of a dragon... but your Lady? Ha! Never!”

Damian: “I'm happy that you are at least thankful, and could it be that your God acted through me tonight? Gods do that sometimes.. They act through agents in the world...”

Sirena scowls at the ranger. “You presume much. If He were to act through another, why did he not choose a mighty Torgan Warrior instead of a..Sylvan Ranger?”

Damian: “It is simply a theory but it is one that the facts of this evening support. When I saw that dragon near you my mind changed in an instant. I can not explain why or how.”

Sirena laughs, a bit unnerved, "Your mind changed? How is that?”

Damian: “Perhaps my strength and skill with the bow against the dragon were guided by your God. I hit the dragon a lot, far beyond my normal skill level. Something has to explain that.”

Sirena leans forward and places her elbows on the table. She winces at the aches and says "Are you ready to embrace my God?

Damian leans towards her and replies "I am ready for you to explain Him to me and consider it."

Sirena says "I am willing to do that, if you would listen with an open heart"

Damian smiles, “I think we have the makings of a compromise."

Sirena says hesitantly, "Compromise?”

Damian: A good compromise will be that you be my Lady for a year and a day, the same amount of time I was your protector. And during that time you will teach me about your God and I will listen with an open mind.”

Sirena sputters "I don’t need a Lord ..or a protector. You presume too much.”

Damian: “That was no presumption, it was an offer from the heart.”

Sirena Lauria: “I will teach you about Belenus if you are willing to learn”

Damian prompts: “and....”

Sirena says emphatically “But I will not be your...Lady. I need no Lord of my own. I have Belenus and the Watch.”

Damian asks her, “What will you be then?”

Sirena sighs "I acknowledge that a debt exists and that payment must be made and since I held you to a year and a day, so I will agree with you. However, I will agree only to not frown or scowl at you.”

Damian strokes his chin.... “That's excellent but perhaps you could agree to actually smile as well.”

Sirena Lauria scowls, then forces a smile on her face "Agreed. I will treat you with the respect I reserve for Torgans and I will teach you of Belenus, for the period of a year and a day.”

Damian leans back in his chair happy. His wounds are healing in the warmth of the tavern with the food and drink and Sirena has just agreed to be pleasant to him. It is a small step, but one in the right direction.