Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sirena's Dilemma

Sirena takes the path to the dock hoping to find Scarlet, her friend as well as Commander of the Dark Rangers and Captain of the Torgan Pirates.  She sighs in resignation as she finds her dancing and shaking a stick.   "Commander? Are you all right?"
Scarlet Kaptane peeks up... gasping from a rum burp.."eh?"
Sirena  whispers: "I was hoping to find you a bit...sober. I am concerned about Beltane and wondered if you could advise me."
Scarlet Kaptane whispers: tries to clear her eyes..."i believe i'm sober enough.. " twirls and kicks
Sirena glances at K, sitting at the bar. "Perhaps a less public place."
Scarlet Kaptane grins and skips to her ship.. motioning for her to follow

Sirena arrives on the ship and tries to balance on the moving deck of the boat.  She finally moves close to the mast and places her right hand lightly upon it.
Scarlet Kaptane grins.."now tell me what is your trouble sweetest healer?"
Sirena  sighs "It is Beltane."
Scarlet Kaptane: "isn't that some god fellow?"  She rubs her chin
Sirena laughs "Beltane is one of the nature festivals, a festival that blesses the spring planting and the herds. You must be thinking of my God, Belenus"
Scarlet Kaptane: "ohh right" hiccupped and tried to hide it.  She wiggled the stick.

Sirena tries to explain "Last year at Beltane, I was just studying to be a priestess and my lack of participation in the fertility rites was not of importance.  She sighs deeply "But this year I am High Priestess and I am the one who must bless the fields by lying in them with a man."  She looks to see if Scarlet can understand her dilemma.
Scarlet Kaptane: "ohhhh" looked at her.  She whispers: "do you have a man in mind?"
Sirena is horrified "Scarlet, Belenus has forbidden me to be with a man in that way. It would mean death for both of us."
Scarlet Kaptane: "hmmmm seems you in a pickle"  She shakes swithys stick and smiles..."how can i help ye?"
Sirena sighs "The blessing of the fields is my sacred duty...yet how can I ask a man to join with me and die?  I would willingly give my life for this land...I am pledged to sustain it and die for it if needed. But do you know one who is also willing to die for this land?"

Scarlet Kaptane whispers: "a man? there must be a way out of this Sirena."
Sirena shakes her head "I have thought long and hard and can see no other way"
Scarlet Kaptane: eyes her closely.."you must have someone in mind""
Sirena places her other hand on the mast as the deck pitches and rolls under her feet  She shakes her head "I know no one willing to do this thing.  I was hoping perhaps you would know of someone willing to lay down his life for the Kingdom."
Scarlet Kaptane: "i will put out the word.. mmmm might be tough"
Sirena sighs "Please be discreet. I wish only to know if there is a man willing to give his life's essence in exchange for the prosperity of Taure Ru and its peoples"
Scarlet Kaptane: "of course Sirena... i will be discreet"

Sirena watches the captain fall yet again to the deck of her ship "Scarlet, may I give you a salve for the bruises you are sure to raise?"
Scarlet Kaptane: smiles at her.  "aye!"
Sirena takes her right hand off the mast and hastily rummages in her pouch, bringing out a salve which she offers to Scarlet. "Rub this onto the bruises at morn and in the evening. It will ease some of the pain"
Scarlet Kaptane: 'ooo thank you... " takes it from her fingertips
Sirena feels an odd sense of nausea as her head begins to swim and her belly lurches "I must go Scarlet. I am feeling most unwell. May the Shadows hide you from the light" she turns and runs off the ship making for the securely anchored dock which will not move underfoot

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