Monday, April 23, 2012

Sequoyah is hit by a Pea

SweetPea FeatherFeet moves quickly and bumps into a huge tree, falling at its root

Sequoyah "what was that?"   looks down and sees a tiny fae.  he whispers "are you ok little one?" Peering closely, he sees that the fae is lying on the ground.  He sits to get closer to the fae and examine her.

Sequoyah sees that her wing is injured and she is unconscious. He becomes alarmed and know she needs his help.  He gingerly extends a woody finger and rolls her over so he can see her face, he leans closer and sees that she is breathing, that is good, but she is still unconscious and bruised.

Sequoyah calls upon the Earth for power to heal.  He sinks his roots deep into the earth to draw from it's essence and gain power.  He grabs a healing ruby he carries with him and says a silent prayer to Dagda the Earth god and uses his Earth given power to cast a healing spell to the fae.

Sequoyah listens carefully and hears her breathing more regularly now

SweetPea FeatherFeet stirs and sits up, rubbing her head, her natural healing abilities beginning to work

Sequoyah watches the fae stand and smiles

SweetPea FeatherFeet takes a step back as she can't believe a tree sitting on the ground

Sequoyah "Hello little one, how are you feeling?   Can you hear me?

SweetPea FeatherFeet gasps as the tree begins to speak and then she remembers. "Hello Sequoyah. It has been a long time. Was it you I flew into? I thought it was a tree"

Sequoyah "Ahh  you recognize me!  You are SweetPea, right?

SweetPea FeatherFeet puts her hands on her hops "of course I remember you." She stands and flutters her wings awkwardly "That ole dragon must have gotten me after all"

Sequoyah "You are bruised.  would you like some healing leaves and bandages?"

SweetPea FeatherFeet titls her head, once again releasing the sound of bells. "THe Fait Folk heal quickly so I do not need the bandages of the human folk."

Sequoyah "You were chased by a dragon?"
SweetPea FeatherFeet shakes her head and a sound of bells is heard "Uh huh. A big ole dragon was chasing me"  She sighs sadly "Unless you can mend broken wingtips, I am grounded until they regrow"
Sequoyah "How long will that take?"
SweetPea FeatherFeet puts a finger to her lips and says  "Shhhhh...that is a fae secret"
Sequoyah laughs   "OK, I will not ask for your secrets.  Would you like some salve and bandages, Or are your scratches minor?”

SweetPea FeatherFeet looks up at the sky and sees gray cloud "Do you think he is still there? If he is, I will have to find a place to hide"
Sequoyah whispers "I will hide you”  He hands SweetPea a group of Elder tree leaves “But first chew on these. Chew on those leaves and they will speed your healing”

SweetPea FeatherFeet takes the leaves "I don't chew on anything I don't know what it is"

Sequoyah "They are from the elder tree. It is the tree of fairies.  They will speed the healing of your skin and wings.   And if you can't fly then I shall carry you until you can."  He  stands up

SweetPea FeatherFeet hands the leaves back to the ent "I don't need them. I am better now. But I would like to go back to my homeland."

Sequoyah reaches down and gently picks up SweetPea, placing her on a branch.   SweetPea FeatherFeet trembles a bit at his touch, but it is gentle and she relaxes.  She grabs onto a long tendril that has the appearance of hair.  "I live in a realm called Zolio, Sequoyah."
Sequoyah nestles SweetPea onto one of his branches.  "You can stay there and relax until your wings grow back.  If you start to hurt I have other healing leaves and salves"

SweetPea FeatherFeet slides down to the end of one his branchlike arms "You want me to stay with you? " she giggles

Sequoyah "don't jump around now,  you need to save your energy!   You stay on me until you can fly" Sequoyah sees that it has started raining.

SweetPea FeatherFeet chuckles craftily "Then find me a cow. I am thirsty!"

Sequoyah “Look up and open your mouth. It is raining!”
SweetPea FeatherFeet pouts "I want milk, not water!"
Sequoyah sighs, wondering what he has gotten himself into “OK, I will find you a cow if you wish”
 He thinks to himself that he has rescued a troublesome fae.
SweetPea FeatherFeet bounces up and down on his arm and the sound of bells is heard as the ent lumbers through the woods
Sequoyah "There is a horse here. How about horse milk?"
SweetPea FeatherFeet squeezes her brows together "You are silly. I do not want mares milk, I want cows milk."
Sequoyah sighs to himself "It's going to be a long few days I think..."

Sequoyah comes to a long bridge  “I hope this bridge will hold me!"
SweetPea FeatherFeet  lies back on his arm, enjoying the ride. She is still above the ground and she is sure if the dragon returns that the ent will be able to keep her safe.

Sequoyah looks around for cows

SweetPea FeatherFeet  twists her head to look up at the ent "Do you not know of a farm around here?"
Sequoyah “ I know there is one close by”
SweetPea FeatherFeet sighs in ecstasy as he carries her through the lighted trees by an open pavilion with columns.  “This is so very pretty"
Sequoyah comes upon a small farm.  “Well look at what we found!  It's a farm with a cow and chickens!”
SweetPea FeatherFeet claps her hands as a farmyard holding chickens and a cow appears. She jumps off the ent, quickly enters the yard and milks the cow, squirting the milk directly into her mouth.

Sequoyah watches the little fae get under the cow and drink from it.

SweetPea FeatherFeet swallows and wipes the back of her hand over her lips, "That was warm and creamy, just the way I like it"  Then she runs to the chickens and starts to chase them
Sequoyah watches the silly fae do a chicken dance.  "I can kill them if you need to eat them"
SweetPea FeatherFeet looks up at him "Kill the chickens? what ever for? I just want to play with them not eat them!"
Sequoyah "I think you are the only one playing. They are looking at you rather oddly"
SweetPea FeatherFeet stops running around and eyes the ent "Now, bring me someplace safe til my wings grow back"  She climbs up the ent and settles on his shoulder again
Sequoyah "I could take you to a friend’s house to watch after you. It might be dangerous to stay on me as I walk through the forests. Dragons sometimes attack me too.  They can’t hurt me much but they might hurt you more"
SweetPea FeatherFeet nods "And you are made of wood, which burns more easily than a fae. I will go to your friend's house then and see if I like it."
Sequoyah "OK, hold on tight!". My friend's name is Linwe
SweetPea FeatherFeet giggles "I have a friend named Linwe too"
Sequoyah Maybe we have the same friend then
SweetPea FeatherFeet scowls "is she a wood elf? always a bit...grumpy?"
Sequoyah 'Yes sometimes grumpy but deep down very nice"

After a long walk through the woods,  Sequoyah sees Linwe’s cottage  and whispers "Here is her cottage

SweetPea FeatherFeet looks at the thatched hut below them as Sequoyah stops "yes, this is where my Linwe lives"

Sequoyah "What a surprise that we have the same friend!"

SweetPea FeatherFeet jumps down. "thank you my friend. I know Linwe will keep me safe til my wing tips heal"
Sequoyah shouts "Linwe, are you here?"
SweetPea FeatherFeet notices a shed to the side of the cottage and says softly "ooooo"  She giggles "Linwe is rasing sheep again."
Sequoyah 'More milk for you..."
SweetPea FeatherFeet tiptoes to the sheep pen

Sequoyah 'I shall return to my forest duties. Be safe and get lots of rest'

SweetPea FeatherFeet waves in a preoccupied manner "bye sequoyah
Sequoyah 'Bye SweetPea. Next time stay away from dragons!" Sequoyah turns and walks into the forests
SweetPea FeatherFeet giggles as she reaches out toward the sheep.

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