Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Fall of Vana: The Cleric Perspective

Sirena hears the request of the High King and immediately summons her clerics. She bids them stand safely atop the tower and tells them to send her the strength of their deities.

She travels to the center of Vana and stands upon the ground. Planting her feet firmly upon the soil, she raises her hands and calls out to the deities of Taure Ru:

"Belenus and Calypso,
Vhaeraun and Lolth,
Mariana and Seannus!
Bringers of destruction and darkness!
Great divinities of the night
I call upon you to perform the darkest of deeds."

She begins to sway and turn and dance as she feels the strength of the dark clerics atop the tower in Taure Ru and the presence of the gods.

"Bring forth your wrath upon the gods of Vana.
Drive them away from the land with their blasphemies.

"Bring forth your wrath upon the land of Vana
That it will never more yield tree or root, food or fruit.

"Bring forth your wrath upon the fauna of Vana
That they never breathe air again and drown in the seas."

Her dance becomes frenzied as she chants the last words of the curse:

"Bring forth your wrath upon the people of Vana
Let them be cursed one hundred fold for their crimes"

She falls to the ground as the force of the Taure Ru gods descends upon the continent. She struggles to her feet and begins to run for the border as a deafening roar affirms the finality of her curse. She smiles in satisfaction, knowing that she has at last fulfilled a sacred duty for her Sire in ridding him of the land of Vana.

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