Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blessing the Fields of Taure Ru

The animals had been driven between the fires earlier; a cow, a sheep and an ox, representatives of the best the Kingdom had to offer.  And now the people are dancing around the huge bonfire. Sirena stands and looks over each of the men, wondering to herself who she dares to approach.  Which one is willing to give his very life for Taure Ru?

The Green Man walks slowly out of the forest and into the clearing, drawn by the fire and the revelry.  He stops at the fire to feel its warmth and to stoke it. 

Sirena then sees a man entering the clearing and standing by the fire.  He is muscled and strong but what catches her eye is that he is wearing the mask of the Green Man.

The Green Man stands at the fire admiring the woman who is not dancing.  He walks toward her. 

Sirena notices that the fire seems to blaze brighter and higher as he passes it.  Her breath catches and she knows that this is the one.

The Green Man: "What is your name, beautiful one?"

Sirena shyly acknowledges the compliment with a small tilt of her head. "I am Sirena, High Priestess of Taure Ru. Are you the one for whom I have been waiting?"

The Green: "Dance with me and we shall see." 

Sirena feels a strong attraction to this quiet man.  But she feels sorrow for him. She has accepted that tonight will be her death; there is no other way.  She places her hand in his and allows herself to be drawn toward him and into the dance.

The Green Man: "Do you not want to know my name Sirena?"

Sirena looks at the eyes glittering beneath the mask as the Beltane fire burns beside her and within her. "Aye, I would know your name. Which one of the loyal warriors from Taure Ru are you?"

The Green Man: "I am not of Taure Ru.  No one in these lands is worthy of you, my lady."

Sirena feels his arms around her tighten and she whispers, "You are not of Taure Ru? From where, then, do you hail?"

The Green Man pulls her body against his so that flesh touches as they sway and their bodies meld together.  "I am from the highest plane of existence. Do you not know who I am?"

Sirena shakes her head "I do not know who you are. I have never seen you before.  I would recognize your form and your bearing.  Who are you?"  The heat from his body warms her as she feels his hands stroke her back and his strongly muscled arms take possession of her.  The heat within her increases and she feels the same desire for him that the dance holds for her.

The Green Man: "You will know my name soon enough then.  What does a name matter?  Let us enjoy each other, this heat, this fire." 

Sirena moves with the virile man towards the fire and she notices the flames leaping higher as if in response to the music.  His skin glistens but not with sweat and his eyes shine but not from the reflected firelight.

The music has become heavy and insistent with drums, the revelers are giddy and wild and are slowly pairing off to run into the woods, the fields, the villages, wherever they can find a secluded spot to couple and enjoy their desire.  Sirena sees them move away from the fire and dares to place her hand upon the man claiming him as hers lest another woman take him.

Sirena whispers to him "I am prepared to give my life that the fields and the animals be blessed tonight.  But you, do you know of the penalty for lying with one of Belenus' own?"

The Green Man ignores the intent in the question as he asks, "So you are sworn to Belenus?" He dances her closer to the bonfire.

Sirena: "Aye, Belenus claimed me as His long before I knew what being a Priestess meant.“

The Green Man: "Then the mighty one has good taste.  And now it is time; we will bless the fields together.  You are the perfect woman for that.  You are fertile and full of passion, just what growing crops need."

Sirena blushes “I must do what is required of a High Priestess even though the penalty is high.  We must go to the fields now before it becomes light.  You accept your fate?"

The Green Man: "Aye..we must go to the fields now..." 

They walk hand in hand to the fields where Sirena, in a desire induced daze, turns to face the Green Man and he grabs her, bending her over his knee.  She swoons as the green man takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately and then is abruptly brought back to reality as flames appears to consume him and they engulf her.  He transforms from human to his true form.

Sirena screams as the flames begin to burn her. "Belenus, my Lord..." she gasps.

Belenus: "I am your Lord, your God, your Belenus and tonight I will take you as mine forever."

Sirena, in great distress, whispers breathlessly "Have you come to take me with you My Lord?"

Belenus tears her dress from her body and lets it burn on the ground.  "I have come to take that part of you which only I can have." 

Sirena is terrified but rejoices in her heart. The touch of the God is exquisite with both pain and pleasure, the pride in knowing that he has chosen her and she answers, "I am yours to do with as you wish My Lord."

The fire that is the God burns fiercely as he grabs her roughly and wraps her writhing body around his.  He watches with pleasure as she cries from the torment of his fire.

The touch of the God is almost more than she can bear. Sirena is ecstatic but in agony.  Which is it the God intends for her to feel? She does not know, nor does she care. She only knows that the High Priestess will bless the fields with the God as has always been in tradition.  The fields of Taure Ru will be fertile and overflow with bounty at Harvest.

Belenus grins as he forces his flame to reach deep within her, searing her and branding her forever. Every part of her body will feel the flame of his possession.

Sirena can stand no more as she is consumed with his inflaming kiss.  The fire burns deep within her and sears her very soul. She shudders, convulses and faints.

Belenus throws her to the ground

Sirena lies unmoving upon the fields, her passion spent and spreading onto the earth…

Belenus stands over the fallen Priestess, still burning fiercely.  "I have taken that which is mine.  You are to take no others but me. I will allow you to live so that I may return when it suits me.  You are a healer...heal yourself and live your meager life but worship me with all your passion."  He disappears into a cloud of smoke.

OOC: Scene I was played in Taure Ru, but since there were no fields in TR we moved to Isle of Wayrest for Scene II.  Thank you Llarian for having excellent fields!  A special note of thanks to the dear friend who stepped up to play Green Man/Belenus with me. I could not have done this without you.

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