Thursday, April 19, 2012

Belenus Calls Sirena

We return to The Place of The Torgan Empire for a tale from Sirena

The fire is warm and The Place is empty. Sirena is staring into the fire and drifting off to sleep when she hears a voice call her name.

"Sirena Lauria I have watched you; you please me. You bring great passion to your dance." Sirena smiles at the voice, believing she is dreaming.

"I claim you; you are mine. From this moment you will give your passion to me and only to me."

At this, Sirena opens her eyes and sees a face in the fire.

She blinks and rubs her eyes, but the face does not go away. She whispers, frightened now, "Who are you? And what do you mean? I have never lain with a man."

The voice answers "I am Belenus and I have chosen you for my priestess. I will be with you to protect you from harm and I will guard your beauty and your skill in the dance. In return you will dedicate and give all the passion you find and enjoy in the dance to me, Belenus, and to no other. " His voice rises as he says "As my priestess you are to remain a maiden and If you do not, I will slay you and anyone who takes that from you."

Sirena's eyes widen and she sits up. "No, I am dreaming; you aren't real." In response a tongue of flame dances out of the fire. Sirena watches, mesmerized, as it lights on the back of her left hand. She screams in pain and it extinguishes immediately. There is no mark, just a lingering sting.

"That is only a token of what to expect if you do not obey," Belenus says severely. "But I will tell you what to do. Take the path to the Cleric's Hall and learn what they can teach you. Tell them I forbid you to fight. Nothing must damage your beauty. You are pledged to me and when I take you for my own at last, you must be perfect."

Sirena looks at her hand and marvels that it could hurt so fiercely and be unmarked. She says, faltering, "I will do as you say M'Lord."

"I will come to you again when I have need of you." the voice says. Sirena watches as the face fades and disappears and the fire resumes a normal appearance. Then she stands up, dons her outdoors garb and goes in search of the Cleric's Hall.

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