Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Severing the Link

*Sirena*  calls “Zargabaath, Blacksmith and Warrior of Taure Ru stand forth.” 

*Sirena*   addresses Zargabaath.  “I must remind you that you gave freely of your blood that this ghoul may live and thrive. Your essence fed him and nurtured him at his birth. Know that you are as a parent to this creature from which you seek liberty.  Is it now your will that you be separated from your son no matter the consequences?”

*Zarg*  nods "I never wanted any of this, I was Unaware of the consequences of offering my blood, All I wanted was mithril..

*Sirena*   says “So be it then. Have you the blade I bade you make from the mithril you took in exchange for your blood?”

*Zarg*  "Yes Lady Sirena, I have the dagger" pulls the Dagger from his belt laying it across his two open palms.

*Sirena*  asks “has it been blooded?”

*Zarg*   nods "Yes Sirena i have cooled it in my own blood and the blood seems to have bonded well with the Mithril." Hands Lady Sirena the dagger, reaching his open palms outward towards her, the blade resting in his hands.
*Sirena*  takes the mithril blade in her right hand and quickly makes a slice across the palm of her hand.

*Sirena*  balances the knife across her hands and lifts it high above her head, paying no attention to the blood streaming down her left arm.

Soa Draconia: always loved watching blood rituals..

*Sirena*  cries out, “Belenus hear me!  I offer the sacrifice of blood and ask that You infuse this blade with your grace.  Grant me the power to sever this man’s bond whether it be one of love or hate.”

*Sirena‘s face shines with an unearthly light as the blade in her hands begins to glow from the reflection of the candle flames and is remade as a sacred kris.

*Sirena*   feels the warmth of her God flow from the kris and down her arms as He joins with her.

*Sirena*   walks counter clockwise around the warrior as he stands in the center of her circle and she chants “Let each strap be unbroken, each twine unwound.  Let Zarg’s true soul walk its path, unswayed, unbound.”

*Zarg* feels his chest tightened. the beating of his heart is rapid and loud within him. His muscles contract feeling the dense energy bound around him. He feels as tho his chest is about explode, he gives out a deep roar from the bottom of his lungs.

*Sirena*   begins to dance around the man, weaving the blade in a pattern, tracing the symbol for infinity.  “May all that confines Zarg’s spirit be destroyed.”

*Zarg's eyes close, feeling burning within his chest moving down to his appendages, then to his head. He briefly stops his breathe, the burning feeling engulfing his whole body now. He remains silent, yet you can see how his face is in grimacing pain.

*Sirena*  “Let Zarg’s passions be alight, a burning flame, pure and white and let his spirit be aright.”

*Zarg* feels the burning within him explode, a sharp pain emitting from his chest, then subsiding down to his arms and legs, rolling thru his veins with his pulsating heart. He calls out her name "Sirena! Free me from this abomination!" screaming as his head lowers, beads of sweat pouring down his face.
*Sirena*  “Let this body release its flame, let it burn through ghoul’s domain that all Zarg’s passions, not ghoul’s, shall remain.”

*Zarg* feels the tightness suffocating and constricting him once more then lessoning the grip, the energy within him pushing the bound upon him away from his being. He feels the energy break and crack around him, hearing crackling in his own mind and he lets out a deep breathe, his body sore, his muscles less tensed and relaxed.
*Sirena*   intones “Let all binds break; remove all ties save fate and return Zarg to his natural state.”

*Zarg*  feels his body and mind relaxed, his ties with the Ghoul no more, His mind shrouded in white fog. He has visions of the Ghoul, glimpses of his mind in a dreamed state as if it was long ago. The visions subside and he gets more glimpses... of the beach, of the flowers and plants, all beauty that he has seen. He sees a white opaque figure.. dancing upon the sands. He focuses his vision in his mind, and he sees her. "Jaki" he whispers. Zarg opens his eyes, tears falling from them.

Soa Draconia: senses a strong energy in the room but is uncomfortable by it.

*Sirena*  lowers the kris and says “It is done.  All ties are sundered and all bonds must be forged anew.  Go forth Zarg, unfettered and free.”

*Zarg*  blinks, his eyes clouded and wet, he looks to Lady Sirena "Thank you for all you have done, I am no longer cursed by the Ghoul... I can feel in within my chest and mind" He lowers his body to bow before her and stumbles almost falling over.

*Sirena*   calls "Jakire, Fae of Vana and Beloved of Zarg.  Come hither and bring with you the vessel."

"Jaki"  walks closer to them, gripping the vessel tightly and looking between Zarg and Sirena

*Sirena*  turns to address the others gathered around. "it is known to me that these two shared a great bond of love before these ties were broken.  To that end I directed that they create a vessel to hold that love and that will be used to reforge their precious bond." 

Zargabaath: Looks at her Beauty in the Little Fae and Looks to the Priestess

*Sirena*  nods to Jaki.and steps back.

Jaki Stardancer steps in front of Zarg with the Urn in hand. She looks to Lady Sirena and cries, glancing back to Zarg

Zargabaath: Looks at Jaki overhearing Sirena words,"You are most Lovely but love did we love"Looks at her

Soa Draconia: A vessel of love. Soa think to herself, How interesting. Could a vessel hold an emotion?

Jaki Stardancer nods and speaks softly "Aye.. we did.. and it is all in here Zarg.. a portion of the loved we shared is deep inside this vessel. I must pour it on you for us to bond again.."

Zargabaath Looks at her and vaguely remembers some love between them,"Yes if this is how we were then yes lets proceed Jaki"

Jaki Stardancer looks down into the deep urn and blinks, her tears falling down her cheeks. She desperately attempts to tip the urn above his head, the red, blooded honey falling down his hair.  She places the empty Urn next to her on the ground, waiting for any sign of emotion from Zarg.

Zargabaath Feels the liquid fall and flow through his hair onto his scalp and shoulders

Sirena watches as the viscous liquid drips down the Commander and she holds her breath. She was sure it would work, but this had never been tried before.

Zargabaath: Looks at Jaki and starts feeling warm and full of love and Passion to the lovely Fae,"I adore you most in this world and i believe you are the one"

Sirena sighs in relief as she hears the words from Zargabaath.

Soa Draconia watches with interest. It has been centuries since she has loved someone. She find it hard to remember what the feeling was like.

Sirena clasps her hands together and her eyes fill with tears.

Jaki Stardancer: her chest tightens, feeling the love they share swirl around them. She smiles widely as he speaks, her heart feeling complete and whole. She turns to lady Sirena "Thank you Sirena!" she exclaims, turning back to Zargh and lowering her body on her knees to hug him.

Sirena steps forward "I am pleased that the vessel worked Jaki. But I think it has more to do with the enduring love you hold for each other...a bond even the gods cannot break"

Zargabaath: Stares Jaki straight in the eyes and wraps his arms tightly around her, holding her close.

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